Great things… Great thoughts…

World has had so many great people… People who did the right things and said the right things and lot of that has been coded in the language. And still we have so many things that are done the wrong way, so many people who go wrong and so many right sayings used the wrong way? Why?

Personally I think that the reason is this. Its not that what great people put in words do not express what they wanted to say. Situation is so because that it is just not possible to translate those things into behaviour unless one understands the idea for oneself. “कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन्” says just the right thing and yet it does not make sense unless you have realized it for yourself. I don’t know if it is the limitation of language or that of humans but its there… And when one fine day (yeah, I think sometimes it is like that – “one fine day”), when one fine day you realize the thing for yourself, the same abstract words make so much of sense…

Traditionally Indian Culture has placed a lot of importance on Guru and faith for this realization. I do not know what the situation in those days was like, but I do not feel like putting in so much of faith on a Guru in present days… There is something about all the popular gurus (please do not flood ‘comments’ with recommendations about gurus) which just does not inspire confidence… Or may be I have a greater inclination for “Karma Marga” or “Gyana Marga” than “Bhakti Marga”, which is the one that values the faith the most. But how much of an expert I am for deciding on these things?

For now, I know this much. Great things, great thoughts can not be explained to me by the best person available around me. They have to be realized for oneself. How? I do not know. Otherwise I would have been a Guru telling you about this 🙂 For me (whatever few things I think I have understood), it has been a realization coming in through time or at some point of time and then some of the words have started making sense to me…

Individual experiences may differ amongst people, of course. So, no universal claims made. Its just my way of looking at things.


One thought on “Great things… Great thoughts…

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    Self-realization is indeed a part of life. Do we realize that whatever we think or learn is self-realization? It’s only self-realization from begining to end of life. (EOF )

    What a “Guru” is supposed to do is to facilitate the process of self-realization in an individual.

    It’s hard to believe that I do no need a “Guru” or I didn’t require one. He can be my parents, or peers. He inspires me. He tells me something which I challenge or accept. He argues with me. Sometimes, he’s wrong too…than I act as his “Guru”. This is my version of a “Guru”

    Jaya is right. different poeple may have different experience.
    Sandeep | 01.19.05 – 11:28 am | #

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