Something in between??

I have often found myself in a situation when I have equally good relationships with people who, if they come in direct contact with each other, would give the quintessential picture of ‘hostility’. For most part, it happens because I find it difficult to hate or love an ideology or philosophy in totality… And hence people with different ideologies, possibly find me sufficiently sympathitic towards theirs 🙂 This is a phenomenon which spans a wide range of issues, but thanks to Priya for sending me the following, which articulates the idea very well for the environmental movement!

Read the answers to the first four questions in the interview.

Also, I could not help but admire the genuinity of the following experience:

“I praised Infosys in my debate about Arundhati Roy, not so much Infosys as the corporate sector in Bangalore. And immediately among the radical environmentalists I became suspect because I had said a good thing about some industries.”

(In one my blog entries, I had compared Tolstoy’s ‘Russia’ with Gorky’s, with a sympathy for downtrodden, and I got labelled as a ‘communist’ :-D)

Somehow the institutions in human civilization always try to project the world simplistically. Probably this is the only way for establishing the superiority of particular ideologies/institutions. But what the hell… I wish world could work better by accepting the complexities 🙂 It also takes me back to “Class vs. Cause” (how many times must you refer to it, Jaya??). When the fight for cause becomes fragmented because of fight for survival and supremacy of classes…

Thanks once again, Priya! It was really nice to see the issue articulated so well by a knowledgeable person.

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