Ahem.. Your name please!

Felt writing something like this here…

Your name please

Abhaya will be smiling since this pretty much shows the defeat of my attitude of “not minding anonymity” 🙂 But can’t help it any longer. So many anonymous commentators on this blog sometimes put me in a strange situation!

Anonymity, for me, has been a tool only for the situations where I thought that the knowledge of source may lead to more emphasis being put on source thereby not letting the idea come to the centre. But that is it. Beyond this, I do not have much support for anonymity and beyond this I have never been anonymous either. But since I never could claim that I am against anonymity, I thought I didn’t have morals to request people to give their real name. But it has gone beyond limits at times…

So, I shall ask here today – your name please 🙂 Please leave your comments with your real name.

One thought on “Ahem.. Your name please!

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    😀 but does that rule out abhaga ?
    abhaya | 01.11.05 – 10:54 am | #

    It’s kind of tough to let go of v2.6.5.
    I can put any name I want and as long as it is an indian normal name… Rahul Pinky Rohit Abhay Jaya… how does it matter? Let ppl have their facades and cloaks… who knows, they just might need them….
    linux-kernel-2.6.5-7.109.12-vd | 01.11.05 – 11:01 am | #

    Freedom is meant to be go beyond from its limits. Then only you can realize its importance. If limits are crossed some times then you can ignore them.
    nomadik | 01.11.05 – 12:39 pm | #

    Gravatar Hmmm! So kernel is narrating right.
    Unless we know about the commentator, the use of name is useless.The commentator’s email address or some kind of his/her blog address is only way to know more about the person. Otherwise putting only a name is as good as anonymous.
    Prem Piyush ( Not Anonymous :- | Email | Homepage | 01.11.05 – 12:45 pm | #

    Actually, if there is someone whom I really do not know – yes a nickname (so long as it is consistent) or a name will not matter, except that absurd nicknames might make me little non-serious towards the comments of the person.

    Real perplexing problems comes from people I know (or they know me offline) like many of my readers from IITK/IIML.

    But anyway – one can only request….
    Jaya Jha | Homepage | 01.11.05 – 12:56 pm | #

    Abhaga would laugh at this… Abhaga should… Why would he not…
    Anywayz I know this is the beginning of the end…
    Does Shoonya ring a bell…
    linux-kernel-2.6.5-7.109.12-vd | 01.11.05 – 1:33 pm | #

    Many a times a anonymous will behave so to avoid a direct blunt feedback towards her/his thought flight.If some space is open where the thoughts can fly freely, everyone will be like to fly own way without hiding identity. Some birds may be humming birds,some may be eagles or some may be even crows and so on.
    Hope for the day when people will give identity. Let the space be safe to perch and fly.
    Anonymous – The situation will | 01.11.05 – 2:07 pm | #

    Any way this is to complete my last comment where my identity did not got reflected completely ..
    Acutually my identity is
    Anonymous – The situation will Improve .
    At least I am optimistic. Wish I could give my identity some day .
    Ram,Shyam,Yadu,Madhu | 01.11.05 – 2:20 pm | #

    Many of the arguments, I am afraid, I do not understand at all, but blunt feedback may be a problem once in a while. If it is constantly so then either you are not sure of what you are talking, or you are talking the wrong thing, or you are talking to the wrong person. In the first two cases one better look inwards for improvements and in the last case the other person is hopeless. Better not talk to him/her.

    I will end the argument from my side here.
    Jaya Jha | Homepage | 01.11.05 – 7:41 pm | #

    Gravatar Have never been an advocate or adherent of anonimity but can’t help a general comment on the circumstance:

    “The Lord defines life, fixes its rules, decides its scope and even castigates ‘lord defined norm’ breakers…yet mortals embrace, rather cling to life, justify themselves, even beg for mercy when in distress…the human tragedy I guess…”
    Ayan Bhattacharya | Email | 01.12.05 – 12:55 am | #

    Gravatar We, the unique brains must come to the actual point of this blog, which need to be solved.

    A blog (mostly comments too) is written after investing considerable time and thought, so time and thought must be given to read it. I believe some of our commentators will start writing their own blogs to feel it in near future, moreover they have quite thoughtful brains.

    Please make this popular blog “anonymous free” (what a nice world it will be!). I think the creative brain will find out ways to handle the readers more efficiently or ignoring them. The blog is no longer only a personal diary it’s now a good magazine too (It’s a good symbol to be a book) for public viewing as marked by so many anonymous readers. Does Jaya agree with it?

    Let communication be a multiway traffic for making a greater web of similar minded people and use your real name / e-mail / blog from next blog forgetting whatever happened till now, such that we can communicate with each other in need.
    Prem Piyush | Email | Homepage | 01.12.05 – 8:18 am | #

    Gravatar Continued……..
    All anonymous bloggers (including favorite names, I respect any name the readers choose), who agree with me, please support me with your comments at least for encouraging the creativity and goodness existing among us.
    Prem Piyush | Email | Homepage | 01.12.05 – 8:19 am | #

    This arguments reminds me of a very nice song…
    “naam gum jayega, chehra ye badal jayega,
    meri awaaz hi pehchan hai, gar yaad rahe’
    I do not want to translate this song because she’ll lose her beauty.
    Sandeep | 01.12.05 – 11:16 am | #

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