<wide eyes>You are from Bihar?</wide eyes>

Okay – I should have written this long ago. I never realized how dangerous it was to live in Bihar, until I came out from there! -)

A cousin brother rightly described people’s attitude – “They think as soon as you get out of the train in Bihar, you will be face to face, not with the normal people waiting to board the train or for someone to get down, but people with masks on their faces, bands around their foreheads, AK-47 in their hands ready to shoot just you!”

Well readers, that’s not the case. Leaving apart the statistics and press for a while, in Bihar, people live as normally as you do. Till what time at night can you go out, is hardly a function of state. Its a very local phenomenon. In my home-town (Purnea), you can stay out till much later than in Lucknow and still find shops and markets open. And Purnea is the Purnea of infamous “Pappu Yadav”. Yes, there are problems; still people do not go around killing people randomly!

Yeah, and a word about the much dreaded naxalites. Their activities are more prominent in South Bihar (in fact now Jharkhand) and there too in villages (not to say that it means one should not care, just to tell you the region of problem).

Humans live there! You are welcome to visit some places there -) There are some good ones.

One thought on “<wide eyes>You are from Bihar?</wide eyes>

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    I do not know if it is a consequence of the closing time in a city. I currently stay at Mysore, and this city sleeps by 9 pm.

    Probably, this “bihari” term is a recent phenomenon. I do not know how many people have had first hand experience of Bihar, but they certainly have preconceived notions as you’ve rightly put!

    Nevertheless, they also acknowledge bihar as a native of many IAS officials and IITians.

    One person said “biharis do well in everything they do…be it academics or crime”

    I would say, biharis are as normal as others are and the society is as much disturbed as almost any other societies are. If you doubt, you are welcome to have a first hand experience!
    Sandeep | 12.24.04 – 3:26 pm | #

    In my opinion, nobody from outside bihar would have had as bad experience in Bihar as people from bihar experience it outside! (On average)

    Infamy pervades like a forest-fire, and Bihar has become a victim.

    Yes! merely borders can do a lot! people from Jharkhand are treated better than those from Bihar.

    Let me be sarcasic! I find a good solution to remedy this. Change the name bihar to something else like Magadh or divide the state again into two pieces, yielding another better state than bihar, and probably a different government too!
    Sandeep | 12.24.04 – 3:50 pm | #

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