Okay, here is an attempt to translate the portion of Urvashi I posted in an earlier post. It’s a literal translation, well, almost. Hence, the similies and comparisons might not make sense at times. But can’t help.

In the poem, “ambar/akaash” etc. have been used as synonymous to heaven. I have translated them literally to “Sky”, to avoid repetition of the word as in the original.

“Scent” is the literal translation of the word “gandh”. I am not sure if there is a word that can exactly convey the meaning of “gandh”. But “gandh” has been used here to signify abstract/pure/non-consensual pleasures.

“World of mortals” is the literal translation for ‘martyalok. ‘Martyalok’ is used to mean world of humans/earth.

Another absurd translation is “sweet juice” for “madhuras”. I guess “madhuras” has been used to signify the sweet pleasures of life.

Rambha: A web of light is casted over and the earth is sleeping soundly. Even the heaven envies the earth presently.

Menka: Rambha, does the question as to what is the difference between the earth and the sky arise in your mind too?

Rambha: Whether or not the question arises, there is one obvious difference. “World of mortals” is mortal, while the world of Gods is immortal. The build of Gods is indestructible, lovable and spotless, while the beauty of the world of mortals is an illusion of moments.

Menka: But Rambha, you are forgetting the wishes granted to the mortality. The pleasure that is easily available to the earth is not there for the sky. How constrained we are! We have to do with the scent. We can not taste food with our senses.

We get satisfied by hearing the sweet voice. We enjoy the beauty either in our mind or with thirsty eyes. But when some strong currents arise on seeing beauty, life is destined to have an insatiable hunger. There does not appear any way out of that pain and it does not ever get articulated properly. But mortal life has no such restrictions. There the love need not stop at the scent. It is the man’s choice as to whether he wants to become a God or wants to remain a man, whether he stops at the scent or goes ahead to embrace the flowers. Gods, even if they become men, can not get this freewill; they can not move beyond the boundary of the scent.

What is this immortality? We have to drink scent like air. With a restlessness in the mind, we have to live ‘peacefully’ for ages. Just think, how much of sweet juice does mortal human drink! Even if for two days, how excitedly does he live. In front of these burning waves, all the peace is dull. For this ecstasy of a moment, immortality can be sacrificed.

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