The fatefull/less yearbook…

That will never come out 😦

But thanks to some last moment fightings with the yearbook team, I have the entries written for me and since most of them are pretty flattering, I do not mind putting them here, JLT… Bag, potatoes, laughter, fights and love/hate for CSE (does that sum it up all?)


I have known Jaya since 11th standard, she has been brilliant, strong, confident, determined, and cheerful since the very first day I met her.. She is one person who would never do against her will no matter what.. We have had a lot of fun time in our wing when she used to get stuck with her “CORE-DUMPED”s… then she would come up the best ideas about doing real crazy things…
Ya, and her imitations of Laloo were simply amazing…
She is definitely going to be a very successful person… or probably a politician…:))

Grishma and Snigdha:

Have you ever been stopped by an inquisitive set of people asking “are you jaya jha?”, just because you carry a bag
One of her luggages was a huge military box full of hindi novels, premchand brand, when she joined. In her collections on dabba, you can find the oldest hindi songs ever of which probably suraiya is the latest! A highly sophisticated hindi cum urdu poet, only she can comprehend her hindi/urdu. And, her handwriting is sooooo “beautiful”, no wonder profs give her Abs!!! Besides, email, net and her dabba, she worships inzamam (Alu) most devotedly.
A perfect administrator cum politician, she could mesemerize any audience by her mere presence. She was the first female in the history of IITK to contest for senate that too in the very first year. No doubt, we will be dining with PM of India in our reunion 😉

Apurva Mathad:

I met her for the first time in the GH hall day in my first year. Her reputation had preceded her and I was curious to meet this talented female who was reputed to have published a book of poems. She recited one of her poems that night. It was titled ‘maa’. Though I dont remember the words of her poem, I remeber being quite impressed as I thought that her peom was very sensitive. That was also the fateful night when the DCG was established and we worked together on the play later that year. Sometime along the way, we became friends.
I will always have pleasant memories of her idealistic nature and the way she would argue with an utopian vision in mind. The unrealistic nature of some of her cribbings amused me sometimes. For instance, there was this one time when we toured Allahabad and we were at the station and we were discussing about the problem of getting reserved tickets at short notice and she kept saying that it should be possible to get reservations whenever we want…

She has this very nice habit of noting down every trivia that a guide would give on any trip. Trips to Bethoor, Lucknow and Allahabad were special and I am thankful to her for organising them. If it werent for her, I would never have visited those places on my own. She keeps saying that she is a fraud cse but I think she severely underestimates her cseness. She is very sincere and attends all the classes, which I dont think many people do. Also, she is one of the few persons who opted for linux on their computers right from the start. If you ask me, she is perfect for IIT Kanpur cse dept.


During my first meeting with Jaya, she was busy reciting her matrimonial aloud to people – “Wanted groom for IITian Maithili Brahmin Girl. Groom should be well educated, smart and good looking, preferably from the Defence Services or Civil Services. Ideal height of the groom should be 5 feet 10 inches…” and so on.

Although not many people would believe it, during her stay at IIT also, she was often found desperately looking for a boyfriend, and once had even put up a public notice inviting nominations for the post of “Boyfriend – Jaya Jha” (too much senate influence?? hehe)

Alas! the post remains vacant as of today, and through this writeup I would once again like to draw the attention of all eligible toward this nice but peculiar potato-eater from Purnea who can be a constant source of entertainment by her amusing ways. Please don’t get bogged down by her’bhaari-bharkam’ hindi and her incessant appetite for argument. Deep down she is a simple and kind person, and is a very good friend and companion to have, at all times.

Any takers??


Jaya101- Introduction to Jaya Jha
(a 1-minute course for the uninformed, biased and those interested in Karishma’s offer 😉 )

Who is she ? Obviously, no Y0 student is allowed to ask this question. One of the most vocal and active people around, some others have been mistaken for her for the most hilarious of reasons (or non reasons).

What did she do here ? Plenty of things- and many apparently revolutionary ones that she is most famous for- campaign for Senator in her first year and then win the Best Senator Award as the subsequent GH representative, get girls to dance in the Freshers for the first time in our second year (though she herself wouldn’t step into a disc), make an effective Astro and B Club cordy, spam the newsgroups, lead the ‘GH Revolution’, fall in love with her department, think plenty on just everything (and everyone 😉 ), air heartfelt opinions, have a whole range of emotions regarding a particular festival, write controversial articles, get herself a job and finally get philosophical !

Interests ? again too many- networking (both the CS and the HR kinds), Hindi literature (and grammar- ‘dahi khatta hota hai !’), history and travelling (we’d always have to reach a compromise when we travel together, with her fascination for birds and mine for ruins), understanding people, analysing organizations, debating forcefully (her parents initially had problems believing this of their ‘quiet’ daughter), reading voluminous english novels, old hindi music (I owe it to her to be able to take part in Antaksharis), having aloo chana in the CR, promoting linux, writing poems and blogs, running a computer-cum-counselling service…

Peculiarities ? No dearth of them- this (exclusively) potato eater believes in becoming a paper shredding machine when upset and angry, cries when she laughs, takes better care of her feet than her face and specializes in doing minors under Profs than in fields…

What’s she really like ? Sincere and sensitive, articulate and clear headed. One of the most scrupulous people I have met. Also easy going, empathic and fun loving- with a gift to narrate stories and keep people at ease- she makes anyone a lovable friend.

And a word of caution: Jaya Jha is quite like her beloved Social Exchange Theory- she is easy enough to understand, but make no attempts to predict her 🙂


Kind of getting upset knowing the fact that next semester when we’ll all return from home, it wouldn’t be you who would knock on my door and say “hi” , but somebody else…seriously jaya, once you leave, i’ll lose a true friend who had supported and encouraged me to continue despite the intense academic ( and mind agitating ) pressure imposed by the dept…i owe you a lot !


Hawa 88 could have been inimidating but her random cpi so was not. Her roaring Success in iiml speaks loads of her mettle.
How can we not mention without a request for her roaring laughter which can be heard hard on ears from miles down the corridor. Or her taste in music so good but a voice in music equally bad(that brings to that she doesn’t learn if taught and is’on!! she had 3 years of formal training in music..this is the best they could get out:)) )

Goodluck from us all!
Love : A-TOP
Ajeeta, Arpita, Shikha, Swati (Alphabetically:) )


Gem of a person!
What gets me the most is the dedication with which she works.
She is one of those people you are sure to hear about in the news sometime very soon.
I remember how she used to fuss about how much she dislikes the department (well, we happen to be in the same department :-)) and now it stuck me as a surprise to see in her profile that department is one of the things that she is going to miss about IIT.
A great person and a great leader! Sure to go a long way.


a perfect example of
and wat not

– luv u 🙂


Jaya is a very focussed individual. She sets tough goals for herself and works hard till she achieves them. The zeal with which she works is amazing.
She is very good at handling people and situations – extremely tactful. We have worked together on various occasions (like the gh security and the fresher’s night) where we have had to carry out a lot of negotiations in order to get the job done successfully. Jaya was always in front, energetic and not giving up till the end. Typical image of Jaya at those times was – running around exhausted, trying to handle 10 things at a time, with her oh so dear bag on her back. There is just no way you can take away that bag from her… she carries it to functions and dinners as well!
Jaya is an intelligent as well as extremely talented girl. Most of the people know about her literary skills, but not many would know that she has a pretty good hand at the ‘tabla’ as well. I guess she did not get a chance to perform coz she was involved in tens of other activities.
I am sure that at the reunion, she will come back as a very successful individual, bubbling with energy, with that bag still on her back!

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