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Oh no! Do not expect some mystery here. Through some conversation with Karishma was reminded of this “Anonymous Girl” thread on cciitk.general at IITK. It had followed the publication of my article titled “Being a Girl” in Meander, the Students’ Gymkhana magazine. It was, well, published anonymously 🙂 The whole purpose of publishing it anonymously was to keep people’s mind away from the source and make them concentrate on the content without any bias regarding the source affecting them. But thanks to Manaswi’s posting guessing, of all things, the sun-sign of the author, it was not to be the way I had wished. Or possibly as they say – “Warjit phal khane ki zyada ichchha hoti hai” (Literal translation – One gets more tempted to eat prohibited fruits)

I had saved most of the postings from that thread. Though not the first one. I have one line from this post in a forwarded message. Some of the interesting things –

“I personally(as an astrologer) guess she must be aquarian.” (From Manaswi’s original post)
“chaar saal ke GH ke experience se it was almost sure from the beginning ke it was you.. but know what confirmed that?? (mgmt/science/civil services or zeal to become an entrepreneur) the sequence and then the final ‘E’ of entrepreneurship. who else???? :-)” (It was in a personal mail)

“Let us find her out.If u go through article carefully ,u will find

1) She must be Aquarian
2)She in in UG programme (BTech/MscI )
3) She is neither first yearite nor finalyearite. She is in 2-3 year.
4)She is not from MNC City.
5) She is not reserved(i.e. somehow communicative)

Guys! Now start mathematics

Sum up 2 and 3rd yearite .

It’d be 22+28 = 50. ………from equation(2)&(3)

50/12 ~ 4(or 5) From equation(1)

Now use equation(4 ) and (5) to Find her out .

I think some guy will come up with right solution.” (Manaswi again – this was what started the thread in a real sense)

“so much for the anon girl.
of what I know the number of kids born in jan-feb(aqaurian) is much less
than those born in aug-sept .(for reasons cited in the first year psychology
my dads a child specialist.last year around 250 kids were born in his hospital in aug sept, and around 40 in jan feb.hence 1/12 is not a correct estimate…as the probability distribution is
non uniform(should I say gaussian?)wot say take it to around 1/20 rather than 1/12? so 50/20 ~ 3
darn…I dont even know the names of 3 gals in the 2nd/3rd year…..


ps: the above assumes the girl is aquarian.”

And this is what this guy writes later :)) when it was realized that the thread started getting ugly in the pursuit of the name of “Anonymous Girl”.

“agreed….actually I was lookin for some time pass…I have only 1
midsem…that also philo
I withdraw too…
btw I never read the article coz I never got a meander…somebody do this
lazy soul a favor and post the article on the newsgroup(yaaaaaawn)

And you can guess what followed for him 😀

“Hey CSE guys,

In case you guys give titles of your batch then please nominate ManuC for Ganda kholu of the batch. ;)”

And the big questions:

“koi banda bhee tau ho sakta hai jisne anonymous grl ke naam se article submit liya ho.” (Our own dear Hemant Chaudhary – the contemporary newsgroup readers should not forget his classic “I shocked, he shocked” posting 🙂 )”

And then of course, someone was there to point out –

“for the curious….the girl author is hema chaudhuri”

followed by
“You sure? How did you come to know.” (from Shreeniwas – one of the editors of Meander then – he had already disclaimed knowing the name of the author and rightly so)”

The answer came of course

“He did an exhaustive search for all aquarian girls…followed by application of some “well known” holmesian tricks & then removed that “nt” from “hemant” to deduce her name brilliantly…”

Well I must accept at that stage I was feeling pretty vexed by all this non-sense, but looking back I can not help laughing at the thread. The regret that the discussion was not geared in a direction I would have wanted is still there, but cushioned in an amusement. The amusement that comes when you see people discussing you without knowing they are discussing you and you are watching all this 🙂

“Being a Girl”

And I can vouch for the fun that innocent looking guy Vaibhav was having, being the only person to “officially” know who the author is; he was the other editor of Meander, to whom the article was sent.

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