Sense and Sensibilities

Another one of Austen hacked today. Sense and Sensibilities was not as catchy as the earlier two I read (”Pride and Prejudice” and “Emma”). But nevertheless, as I have mentioned in one of the earlier posts, the simplicity (over-simplicity, you might say, and you won’t be wrong) of narration leads to mental relaxation instead of mental labour for you. That’s exactly what is needed when you are not in a position and mood to comprehend the “Glimpses of World History” through Nehru’s eyes. I have a very strong inclination to continue with “Glimpses…” though. Let’s see what the coming days have in store for me.

BTW, have acquired, besides Sense and Sensibilities, Mansfield Park and Persuasion by Jane Austen too. Not read yet. Probably what makes her novels so appealing to me is that at least the main female characters are not dumb as they usually are in classics or even otherwise. At the same time they are not portrayed like the ideal goddesses of Shivani’s (a famous Hindi writer, who is now dead I suppose) work. The more humane presentation, with their qualities and failings, makes me identify better with them I suppose.

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