Iraq war is not over!!

Find sometime to read Baghdad Burning at I had come across this blog sometime in January this year and somehow the impression the following extract from the blog had made on my mind fails to die down or even fade.

“I sometimes wonder how the American people feel. After these last two wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, do the American people feel any safer? We watch the ‘terror alerts’ announced on television- politicians with somber faces and dramatic pauses alerting the population that at any minute, there might be an explosion or an attack. It’s amusing because Iraq has been at the red level for the last 9 months. Why is it a drama when collective America experiences some strain for a couple of weeks during the holiday, but it’s ok for Iraqis to experience five times the strain and apprehension for the next five years? Apparently, we are more tolerant- our blood pressures don’t go up, our hearts don’t palpitate and our kids can’t be traumatized.”

Well written blog of a well educated lady from Iraq – an international reader can not find a better place to get an insight into the situation.

We are living in a free world, indeed!

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