Dekha hai Zindagi ko, kuchh itna kareeb se….

Chehre tamam lagne lage hain ajeeb se. (Have seen the life so closely that all these faces appear strange). Was listening to this song a while back. Replace Zindagi (life) with IITK here 🙂 Its too early to claim something like this about life, but its certainly so true about IITK (never mind that I said few days back, “IITK means life to me”). Actually knowing it too well makes it so strange.

A bit too familiar senate-environment seemed so amusing yesterday – “I would request the convener to let the discussion on this item continue. I am present here as a general body member and have been sitting for an hour for this discussion to come up…”. Now when anyone refers to “the GH security issue” I burst out laughing (which I almost did even in yesterday’s HR class, when it came up). I can see that the history will be repeated in Business Club. Nice people are since ever so helpless. They would not want to be politically incorrect and are unable to do the kind of politics which would let you get your work done while also being politically correct. The sudden increase in the number of mails on and business club mailing list is the most hilarious of all. Turns out that my article has reached in the hands of MBAs, though it is least likely to be published in the Meander now. Anyway, it will come out in this blog sometime soon. Ah! This stupid issue has clouded my thoughts in the last one year. There are other things as funny as this one. Director addressed the students’ senate yesterday – as the patron of Students’ Gymkhana. Internet access, gaming, academics, projects, new constructions – all featured up – usual stuff still so strange, so alien. The new set of executives in Gymkhana look promising, even going by the way they were answering the questions in the senate yesterday (In past I have found these post holders to be no naive and impractical about the scope of their work), but I feel concerned as to how far their motivation would continue. Senators seemed no better than what they earlier were like. As far as I have seen, senators flare up against all the right things being done by the executives (I am not talking about the BClub issue here) and no one even blinks at the things which are bound to go wrong, until they indeed go wrong – and when they do go wrong people shout and shout and shout and that’s it. Many a times though not just even this shouting, but also the realization of something going wrong in missing. Anyway, can only wish luck to them. Its high time people started judging the intentions right – but does not seem it is going to happen in near future.

Some changes are also there . The rising concern amongst students about the attendance is kind of reassuring, but is strange for very valid reasons :-), more valid ones than “knowing it too well”. The notice on the library gate “Please switch off your mobile phones before entering the P. K. Kelkar library” so much epitomizes some of the changes. Like the earlier wave of increasing number of computers in the campus, its now the increasing number of mobile phones. Can’t see any ostensibly imminent problem because of this, but you never know. May be gaming industry is eyeing next at the mobile phone users! And then even if students attend classes, they might actually be playing games sitting on the back seats.

Hall 1 hall day created a lot of buzz and some faculty members (especially DOSA and wardens) were particularly concerned about the programme not being in accordance with our culture. Can’t comment on this particular programme, but again this tussle is here to remain – was always there, will always be there.

Year-book team’s “we understand but we do not agree” is another story altogether. Will not write anything right now lest we lose any chances of getting something done in tomorrow’s meeting.

And Jaya Jha! If you continue wasting your time blogging, may be you would not be left with any reasons to feel nostalgic.

Bah! Petty considerations of life… Good night.

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