If a scoop had less ice-cream!

Probably if there was a time when I so sincerely wished that a scoop should have less ice-cream, it was this evening, when after having had a pretty heavy dinner and one cone (two scoops of ice-creams), I got into this bet of eating 5 more ice-creams (10 scoops!)., Its not possible to describe how I managed to eat those two chocolate, two vanilla and one mango flavoured ones, but yes somehow taking my time I managed to get through them.

Of course ended up vomiting them out as soon as I finished the last bite, but won the challenge nevertheless.

And guess what do I win in that? Five more ice-creams! Not to be eaten in go fortunately -) Well, after this I do not think I can have more than five ice-creams in next one month; so I save all my money that would have been spent on ice-creams for the rest of my stay here. The five I ate today were of course not paid by me -)

One thought on “If a scoop had less ice-cream!

  1. The best thing about intake and consequent offtake is you taste them while eating willingly, but you taste them while vomitting unwillingly. Quenstion is, is the lack of choice sufficiently compensated for by the semblance of a payoff?

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