Few words on My Writings

People develop and more importantly change – mentally and emotionally – over time. Several factors contribute to this – internal, external as well as the interaction between the two. If I had to summarize in one word what my writings, particularly my poems, stand for, I would say these stand for “Change”.

World around us has spatial and temporal variations – both of these contribute to changes. We often are part of groups which are located at different places, hence have different values and norms. When we move across our roles in these different groups, we encounter changes. Similarly, as is universally known, even in the same role, we encounter change as time passes. But, for whatever reasons, human beings seem to be conditioned to accepting changes. And in the normal course of events we do not realize how we have changed drastically. Things which once used to be the trends, now either become distant ideals or retrogressive views. Similarly what once seemed to be an “out-of-question” way, becomes the reality of day-to-day life. Apart from being pleasant or hurting, these changes might be confusing, if one starts to think about them and refuses to accept the legitimacy of their drastic nature. But if one can give an objective thought to them, the vastness and variety of the world starts becoming comprehensible. The tight compartments of “to-be-done” and “not-to-be-done” begins to shatter. How things can be completely right or completely wrong, both for equally good reasons, depending on the context, begins to dawn upon us. If extrapolated, these concepts begin to apply to the time-frames not merely comparable to our life-time, but also to much, much greater ones embodying whole human history and spaces not only the ones we are related to but also to the whole world. This can be enlightening, but at the same time grossly confusing. If there is nothing universally right or wrong, what is it that one should do. Fine, the context dictates something about it, but can any and every context be so sacrosanct that it can be blindly trusted?

I do not know, I am struggling. Because I write, I can see the changes, the changes which I might have otherwise not noticed or remembered. Every time I read my own stuff, I become conscious of the changes, which sometimes are to the extent that the reader might accuse me of contradicting myself. But I can’t help if things change, and of course, if I change. Nor is it possibly the right thing to believe that things should not change.

Whatever! Changes are what my writings mean to me. What do they mean to you? Do let me know, if you get a chance to look through them. -)


One thought on “Few words on My Writings

  1. The best is the change in both what you write and how you write. The other less evident change is who you write for. In my case, I just spam!

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