My generation

Was forced to think more on it with few mails I got recently from people who visited my homepage and responded after reading my poems/prose. The common theme of these mails was – “It was nice to see someone in our generation who thinks!” The first reaction was that of feeling-nice that people think that I think ;) . But immediately I realized that I, myself, have often felt that people in our generation do not think! And it is a rare and extremely pleasant occasion to meet or interact with someone who does think about surroundings/society/future. I have no expertise to claim that this is a problem of this generation in particular, but I do have a very strong feeling that this is the case and this feeling has strengthened with these mails. Somehow staying cool has freed us not only from unimportant, unproductive considerations of life, but also from genuine concerns for contexts larger than the one immediately surrounding us. Often I have felt shocked by the naive ways in which many people of my age handle the things. I do not think we are too young to understand and do better – but we do not care to think!

Will not dwell much on this as it is very easy for a writing on topic like this to appear self-conceited -) Do let me know what you think though, especially if you are someone from earlier generations as in that case you are in a better position to compare various generations.


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