The book

Writing a book on my four years at IITK is a dream-project for me. I have already thought of a name for it: “From orientation to convocation”. The name does not need much of explanation, does it?

I do not intend to start writing it now since I think it will lack objectivity at this stage and even if I do manage to write one, my credibility at this stage of life and career is not enough to give the book a push 😀

But there was something that Priya suggested me. She asked me to keep writing the experieces in some form or the other as they are now, because trying to jot them down later might make it the usual setimental stuff. Later on I could use them in my book and if I do feel otherwise at that stage, I could mention that difference.

It is good idea. Of course the whole plan of getting the book written rests on the premise that at some stage in my life, I would be credible and aspirational enough a person so that people would not mind reading my experiences 🙂

I plan to use this blog for the same purpose. So, in case you do not mind the opportunity to claim having the read the “blockbuster book” 😀 before it was known to the rest of the world, keep visiting my blogs!! Some bit of hard selling, is it not? :p

Anyway, wait for the beginning of the book!

Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.


Hi there, have been reading ur blog since a month. Gosh! U’ve taken soo much time to build it up from this first post and this one about a book on your IIT life! Nice title though! I’ll be looking fwd for it- wish you luck by bucket-loads for any such publishing
Between I too get excited about the very idea of being able to write something simple elegant and yet great about my IIT life.But its gotta take time-2 more yrs on this campus(of some IIT not IITK).Whenever I got thotful about the book-I always wonder wat name I’ll give it AND how I’ll ever manage to organise and write soo much stuff! and quite obviouslly the eternal fear of being successful or not:-s
Well so much for big talks.I got to go. Took a stop here since just wanted to say hi and appreciate your efforts here.As of me, consider a fellow IITian and a younger bro.
Anonymouslly Yours 🙂 | Email | Homepage | 11.21.04 – 8:42 am | #


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